Team Sockeye

Team Sockeye

“Hire Character, Train Skill.” — Peter Schutz
Because the most important aspect of any construction project is the on-site construction team.

Our #1 priority: Your Highest Satisfaction

Sockeye Homes follows Peter Schutz’s motto diligently as each team member is personally vetted by Tod Sakai himself before coming on board. Then a continuing education and certification program, along with a stringent set of safety and jobsite policies follow to provide you with the best finishes and experience.

Every few weeks during the construction, you will be given an opportunity to rate/review your experience in Five (5) vital categories: Schedule, Quality, Communication, Cleanliness and Documentation. This weekly survey provides you a direct communication bridge to our management, in turn, providing a great pulse on your project to our management team consistently protecting our #1 priority: “Your Highest Satisfaction.”

Contact our team if you have any questions or would like help with your custom home, addition or remodeling project.