Custom Homes

Custom Homes

“Premier Custom Homes for Less Money, Period”

Whether you already have a complete set of plans and specifications for your custom home or are just starting to dream about your new home,
Sockeye Homes can help turn your vision into reality.

Custom Home Builders in Washington State - Sockeye Homes

Purchasing property? Sockeye Homes can perform the site-specific feasibility for you.

Feasibility: Prior to Purchasing the Property (or Starting the Design Phase) When purchasing vacant land, acreage and/or tear-downs, the real estate transaction may only allow 30 to 60 days for you to perform feasibility before you end up owning it. What about the critical area, wetland, soil stability, percolation, drainage, utility, etc., etc., etc.? When you want the expert assessment from the site development and building perspective, Sockeye Homes can perform the site-specific feasibility for you.

The steps for building your custom home.

Step 1: Meeting at the Property During this meeting, Sockeye Homes will identify the site specific conditions we need to consider in designing/building your custom home. Whether you have vacant land or an existing structure that needs to be torn down, we will assess the steps required to get the site ready for building. During this meeting we will also talk to you about your vision for your custom home and review any plans/ideas you have.

Step 2: Budgeting, Specifications and Preliminary Estimate Based on the information discussed at our site meeting, we will compile a budget, specifications and preliminary estimate for you. If you already have plans/specifications it will be based on the details provided (we can also make suggestions on areas for cost saving or recommend alternative options based on our experience) or if you are starting from scratch, the estimate will be based on our conversations with you regarding the features you want to incorporate, your ideal budget and the existing site conditions.

Step 3: Design If you do not already have a set of permit ready plans, we will create a design contract for creating a full set of permit ready plans/details. The design contract will be based on whether you are choosing a stock plan, modifying an existing plan or creating a custom plan from scratch. We have a team of drafters, designers, architects and engineers that work together with our construction team to ensure the plans we develop fit within your construction budget, site conditions and are buildable. TALK TO US BEFORE BUYING PLANS!

Step 4: Exterior and Interior Finish Selection If you do not already have a set of interior and exterior specifications, we will discuss and recommend the interior and exterior finishes that provide the look and functionality you desire along with an initial budget based on these selections. After the construction contract is signed, our design team will guide you through making all of your selections.

Step 5: Scheduling and Construction We will assign a superintendent to your project and provide you with a detailed Scope of Work based on the plans/specifications. We will then submit your plans for permit (and manage this process) and create a detailed construction schedule using Microsoft Project providing you with a Gantt chart view with day-by-day activities.

Ready to get started on building the custom home of your dreams? Contact Sockeye Homes today!