Join Team Sockeye

Join Team Sockeye

This is a Career offer, not a paycheck Job (Sockeye Homes takes on between 60 – 70 projects per year and we currently have signed projects spanning well into the year 2023).

If you want to work in residential construction, I’m sure many may be offering you a “Job” right now. But if you are looking to make a “Career” move and want to be part of a winning team with great teammates, join Sockeye Homes. You’ll find a true home where you can enjoy the right work-life balance with great pay & benefits while attaining long-term employment stability (some of the project in design stages are slated to start in 2023 already).  Sockeye Homes is officially the “Most Awarded Company” by Building Industry Association of Washington and is seeking to fill Full-Time Employee positions from Apprentices, Skilled Carpenters and Seasoned Jobsite Superintendents.

The work hours are weekdays from 7:00am to 4:00pm.  At every level, Sockeye Homes provides great pay, profit-share/bonuses, Paid-Time-Offs, benefits, medical insurance, retirement plans and company vehicles. All candidates must possess a valid Washington-state driver’s licenses and be drug-free.

And if you are currently working for another contractor and thinking to make a change, here is another great reason to join Team Sockeye.  The market demand for residential remodeling is growing exponentially in the Puget Sound region. Yes, we also build commercial, custom homes, and even do land development. But remodeling?  Let’s face it, each year passes by, more and more (older) houses will need remodeling that require professionals.  But there aren’t too many companies that truly have figured out how to meet that demand.  Remodeling is a lot more challenging than building new homes as the clients live in their homes during the construction and you can’t just “sub-out” everything like many do in new construction.  Besides, prospective clients don’t want to hire unknown contractors who don’t have the proven track records & credentials, it’s just way too risky!  So today’s clients are seeking established & trusted mid-size remodelers that have the right system & organization in place, and Sockeye Homes is their answer.

Each candidate must be drug-free, possess a valid Washington-state driver’s license and pass our screening tests; but most importantly, be a GREAT TEAMMATE!  Please use the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

[Sockeye Construction Corp. adheres to all federal, state, and local legal requirements regarding employment opportunities.  “Equal Opportunity Employer”]


Carpenter Position

Responsible for performing construction and carpentry tasks in coordination with the superintendent and project manager. Must possess minimum 1 year (for Labor or Apprentice Carpenter), 6 years (for Junior Carpenter) or 12+ years (for Master Carpenter) of construction field experience with the following criteria:

  1. Lift and carry heavy materials (minimum 60 lbs for 3 flights of stairs)
  2. Climb up and work on a 3-story roof up to a 12/12 pitch (safety harness and equipment provided by the company)
  3. Work inside a 2-foot crawl space
  4. Understands plans and schedule work with Project Manager.
  5. Coordinate, supervise other carpenters and laborers.
  6. Coordinate, supervise and support subcontractors.
  7. Perform demolition work.
  8. Perform framing.
  9. Perform siding and trim work.
  10. Perform finish carpentry.
  11. Perform drywall including patch work and texture.
  12. Install doors, windows and cabinets.
  13. Install finish hardware.
  14. All phases of painting.
  15. Perform and complete all punch items within a tight schedule



We offer a full time salary with medical and retirement benefits. The candidate we seek must be a good communicator, honest, punctual and safety-conscious and possesses an eye for detail (and of course, loves doing the hands-on work when needed).

  1. Possess minimum 8+ years of job foreman experience in residential remodeling and building new homes (as part of a business, not as a hobby).
  2. Have worked for one company (remodeling / new homes business) for minimum 6 consecutive years
  3. Be effective, efficient and productive within the given timelines.
  4. Comprehend plans, specifications and engineering.
  5. Manage multiple jobsites concurrently.
  6. Be able to perform all phases of construction.
  7. Perform detailed finish carpentry.
  8. Perform and complete all punch items within a tight schedule.
  9. Lift and carry heavy materials (minimum 60 lbs for 3 flights of stairs).
  10. Climb up and work on a 3-story roof up to a 12/12 pitch (safety harness and equipment provided by the company).
  11. Work inside a 2-foot crawl space.

Interested in Joining Team Sockeye? Send us your Information.