Lower Price Guarantee

Lower Price Guarantee

In addition to award-winning quality provided by Sockeye Homes, we offer a Lower Price Guarantee on our custom home and addition/remodel proposals.
If you have a lower priced proposal from another construction company you may qualify for the Lower Price Guarantee.

Here is how the process works:

  • Present the lower priced proposal to Sockeye Homes
  • Another construction company* proposal meets eligibility requirements
  • A detailed comparison (apples-to-apples) of the scope of work and price confirmation verifies lower price
  • Sockeye Homes will either match the lower price or give you a $100 VISA gift card!**

We look forward to discussing your project with you and proving to you that Sockeye Homes truly provides “Award Winning Quality at a Lower Price!”

*Note: “Another construction company” must meet the eligibility requirements set by Sockeye Construction Corp.
**Note: Sockeye Construction Corp. reserves the right to take on or turn down the project at its sole discretion.
Ask for more details during the Proposal/Budget meeting. All offers are subject to change without notice.